imageMyself and my three amazing Godchildren..

From the left, Emily, Jack and Freddie.


Whilst I’m responsible for their moral guidance, that doesn’t include their choice of headwear or sunglasses..


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  1. us middle aged women (well me, not you Caroline) agree with everything Caroline has said Russ. I don’t think Lloyd would get away with going topless!

  2. May be they would be better off if in fact you were only responsible for guiding there choice of headwear and sunglasses! Lol, joking of course (well sort of).

  3. Russell…you look and are amazing!!! I read your blog all the time as i think every human being should as your take on life is as it should be..real and raw!!!! Your attitude and perseverance is so inspiring ,,you show must of us up,,….and you still look fitter ( and better looking ) than most people i know!! Just wanted to say hello ! Love caroline from cape town xx

    Ps posted last year but dont think u got it x

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