Lovely people that have been to visit me/ invited me to things / given me a hand with stuff, since my return to London.

In no particular order, can I thank Cressida, Toby, Marta, Johnny, Glenn and Maggie, Clair, Pia and Cliff, Sarah and Larry, Debs and Neal, Richard K, Adam and Voj, Stu and Mandy, Niki, Cherie, Jerry and Emma, Pia and Cliff, Adam Phone, Adam and Sally, Phil and Penny, The Toulon 12, Kev, Chris Bennfors , Alison, Dan and Saskia, Dr’s Steve and Mike, my Pre – Reg Optom students, Rob Colliver, Bret, Pardeep, Jules and Vaughan, the Roebuck school dads, Ian Roblin, the 50 year six parents who came to the end of year party we hosted ( massive apologies to our lovely neighbours for the noise ) Anna H-J, Marky P and Kate, Illona, and Lisa Collins.
I’m sorry to those I’ve left out.

It was very strange being ‘ home’ for the first 3 weeks, I’d say. I’d made myself forget the comforts and support that I had in Chiswick, in order to get through my 5 months in America. Thinking about what I’d left behind ( by choice, though there wasn’t really a choice – not to me, in the circumstances ) was completely counter productive to my sticking it out chances.

There is no place like home, ultimately.
Dani and the girls make such a difference, just by being within sight of me ( even better when they talk to me….. ). My daughters’ friends are ( every single one ) very nice kids.
I think that’s a reflection on my girls, and the continuing good job that my wife does.

Some of my visitors have come a long way, and for some it’s been many years since I last saw them properly.
I must have said this before, but I value people’s friendship so much. Being a mate doesn’t cost you anything, yet has to be the most valuable thing there is.

London is a great city, with an awful lot of great people in it, and so much going on.
It was so good seeing Paloma Faith playing in Kew Gardens, then The Specials a few nights after.

Who was best?

I think ‘old school’ won by a mile, no offence to the talented Miss Faith.

Despite the seemingly endless social events that accompany my youngest’s leaving primary school, I’ve managed to stay active with ( most ) daily arm bike/ arm machine workouts, so haven’t become fat and comfortable. I do punish myself on the arm crank that I have at home, driving myself to exhaustion. Okay, so my still compromised lungs do limit what I can do, but I do give it my utmost.

I’ve had periods of sadness; I don’t think they’ll ever go away, but they are less frequent. Twice I’ve broken down almost totally, once just out of the blue ( though after too much to drink, admittedly, and thanks to Chrissy for being so kind ). Alcohol definitely eases the pain ( tho chemically negates the effect of the antidepressant I take ) and it’s tempting to drink at any opportunity, but I don’t. I don’t think I would ever become reliant on drink ( though it’s a common post injury thing ) but it’s a good option sometimes.

Thanks to Ilona¬†for taking me out in her Ferrari….. How many good looking chicks who drive Ferrari’s does a bloke meet in a lifetime?
Just the one for me, thus far.
Jeez, those things are fast ( even with the speed limitations of London traffic ).

I do hope to resume work in the near future, once certain obstacles are removed, and look forward to doing so.

First though, we are away in Portugal for a while, and whilst there Dani ‘comes of age’.
It’s a massive tribute to her that an awful lot of friends have opted to take their own holiday in the vicinity to help her celebrate the Big Day.
Being younger than her, I think I’ve managed to keep her from adopting middle aged mannerisms, but she might have an opinion on that.

She does on every other thing, after all.


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