A distraction

I’ve embarked on a little sideline.
Fitness and diet advice, with weight loss ( and then the weight staying off ) the objective.

I’ve really noticed, in my sitting down existence, people’s eating habits, and the crap they talk about food.

Invariably those with the most advice to give, are overweight ( from here on referred to as FAT ).

It’s amazing how much fat people know about healthy eating….!

The mate I’ve ‘ coached ‘lost 8 pounds in 4 days.
Then he relaxed the regime and stopped dropping the weight.

The ‘rule’ Is that if he asks my advice, and I tell him, he has to ACTUALLY DO IT.
Or don’t bloody ask me.

I don’t know what his target is, but my advice isn’t painful, or tiring.

It’s just common sense based.

I’m not fat, in this bloody chair, even though I can’t burn calories like an able bodied person.

So if I’m not fat, despite this, what excuse does anyone else with fully moveable parts have?

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