Last night I had a bloody asthma attack in my own home , in bed.

Thats a first, struggling for breath, trying to suppress the rising sense of panic, of course unable to get up and go outside for fresh air, or escape the sense of claustrophobia that I’m now aware you get, at the same time.

Dani finding my lost inhaler, not used for many months, was the solution, after a good hour of fighting for breath.

Today we go to a polo day, no less, hosted by our lovely friends, Larry and Sarah, for my charity.

Not being at all ‘horsey’ , it’s a bit unusual for me, I’m more of a sheep type of bloke….. But it’ll be a good day

They’ve asked me to make a speech.. My god, it’s quite tempting to tell a few very funny stories  featuring them, but I’ll resist .

I think that post coma, I’ve developed Tourette’s syndrome, sometimes…..?


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