My ex employee, Sheila, arrives tomorrow, having volunteered a week of her time to keep my company, and help me with stuff.

I’m not all post injury fiercely independent, as some are, rather taking a maybe more common sense approach that if it’s far easier for someone else to help you with it, then swallow your pride and let them.
I hope I’m not betraying the Paralysed Brotherhood by saying that, but there are some, I’m sure, that might think that way.
To be honest, I get very lonely, very quickly now, so having someone cheerful around, with a bit of intuition, is an opportunity I won’t pass up.

I’ve hardly seen Sheila for the last 7 years or so, so for her to offer to give me a hand for a week, 4000 miles from her husband and young son, really is an act of generosity.

I really hope that it’s not something that she lives to regret…. So desperately hope not to upset her in any way.

Watch this space.

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