Today will be day 3 of electricity stimulation to bits of me that don’t work.

They’re doing my back and the right side of my stomach.
As I have partial sensation there, indeed hypersensitivity of sorts, it does hurt.
80 odd minutes of being zapped every 10 seconds, for 3 seconds

I can’t say it’s fun, but in the longer term there could / should be a benefit.

Today I think they may switch to my legs/ glutes ( bum ), instead, so I won’t feel a thing.

It’s -17 outside, and the pavements are not cleared, so Dani will drive me there, and collect me later.

It’s far better having them here, and being a family for a while.

When they go it’ll no doubt lead to a dip in my mood ( so easily dented ) so I try not to think about it.

They had a great day yesterday visiting a massive cavern in Louisville, zip wiring etc.
I love seeing them having fun, and have to suppress my own sadness that I can join in.

I did get to take the guided tour through MegaCavern though, an amazing place with an incredible history.
It was cold for me, my chair strapped in to the open topped wagon, but fascinating nonetheless.

Def a must visit if you come this way.

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