Today at 9 am ( I was awake yet again, tired, at 5 ) they lay me down and put a full spaceman helmet on my head, with plastic sheeting attached to it that covered my shoulders, effectively sealing all my breath in, and the room air out.

Then Professor Daniela ( quite cute ) told me not to move ( at all ) for about 45 minutes, and just to breathe.
Imagine my dismay when she said on no account could I fall asleep ( given the above ).
I just about managed it, though I struggled numerous times to stay conscious.

I’d been instructed not to eat anything today, before the test, and to only drink water, if anything.

She recorded the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by me, and in doing so established that the amount of calories I need to consume daily, on the basis that I do absolutely nothing, without losing or gaining weight, is 1600kcal.
Obviously if I do anything physical at all, then the calories I need to consume increase accordingly.

I’ve never counted calories in my life, but do know that 1600 isn’t that much food, certainly compared to how much I ate pre injury.

It is just as well then that I have the post injury appetite of a mouse, really only eating out of logic, in that food is an obvious requirement for existence.

Finding myself in America, where 1600 kcal is the breakfast of the average 9 year old, they must find me quite a curiosity.

As I intend using the adapted gym 5 days a week, and will self push along in my chair, I will burn more calories than 1600, so may have to eat more than I have been.

Or drink more alcohol?

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