So one of the tests that I have to do involves collecting my pee for a period of 24 hours.
Not the first one of the day, after waking, but then all of it after that.

So, I’ve just had the first one. I inserted the tube/ catheter into ‘myself’and it slowly flows out, down the tube, into the bag on the end. I can feel nothing, just watch it coming out.

900 ml later ( that’s almost a bag full ) it stops.
I pull out the catheter.

I’ve got the red container at the ready, in the basin, lid off.

I tear open the edge of the bag and try to get it pouring into the container.

Obviously… It doesn’t go smoothly , going everywhere except for the bloody container.

After a bit I get the flow into the right place, then it takes about 3 minutes.

The bag is empty and the flask has most of the pee in it.

I screw the top onto the flask.

All good then.

There’s a fair bit of spillage into the basin too.

I knock my toothbrush into the basin.

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