Jan 29th 2015.

My legs are keeping me awake.
Another short sleep then.

So what’s it like here?

Well, at the research facility,what is striking is the positivity of those that work there.
They’re very enthusiastic and extremely nice people. Nothing is too much trouble, any of the time. Lots of smiling and eye contact – key to ‘good customer service’.

Lots of unfortunates in wheelchairs around the place. At first I was again struck by how upbeat the riders seemed.
A few days in and I’ve spotted something more recognisable – the sad expressions, the hollowness behind the eyes.

One, Ben, told me how he became paralysed.
A good college swimmer, he’d dived into his pool at home ( common in the USA , and SO many spinal breaks from diving ) but rather than hitting the bottom of the pool and breaking his neck ( usual story ) his swim training meant that he glided the width of the pool under water and hit his head the other side… Instant paralysis.
His sister realised he was drowning and pulled him out.

Ten years ago he was told it would be ten years before a cure.
The ten years is up.
He goes to the adapted gym and does what he can – like all of us. Some can walk a bit, some can only use one arm and that’s it.
Some smile, some are totally devoid of expression.
Some are in self pushing chairs, lots are in powered chairs. It depends on your injury what you can use.

People seem a little surprised to hear a British voice. I think they’re scarce around here.

I’ve been adopted – not my word, theirs – by John and Cindy, who will do their utmost to make this easier for me.
Getting a phone that works here is a priority. If I come a cropper in my chair outside I need a phone that actually works so I could call for help.
Note to self : learn the street names so I can tell someone where I am.
Remembering street names at home has never been my strength, so post injury brain fuzz I doubt it’ll be any easier.

I should get the results of my urine test today. An infection implies I’m resistant to the low dose antibiotic I’m already on.
I’m already resistant to a few, so that would be bad news.

As in yet more bad news.

I’m a happy soul, aren’t I.

Oh, forgot.. It’s going to be minus 12 all next week.
Knew I should have brought a sweater.

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