Things are getting better.

I’m in a different room, there’s a ‘roll in ‘ shower, with a bench that ( with help ) I can transfer myself onto.
‘Transfer’ is the word we paralysed people use instead of ‘get onto’, by the way.

I have a great girl to help me. She’s done this sort of thing before, and is very sweet.
It does take a special person to be a ‘carer’ – as in to do the job with genuine care, empathy and compassion.
To realise how crap it is for the ‘patient ‘ to have to need the help at all, Is a big part of the job.

The wheel to the Research hospital is doable too.

I’m Eating enough and I have a TV, my ipad and phone, so it’s not as though I’m totally isolated!

Thank you so much to all my friends that have sent me messages of encouragement and love – I can’t tell you how much all that helps.

Dani and my girls are coming to see me in 2 weeks, so there is a bright light to focus on.

It’s Super Bowl on Sunday and I’ve sort of been invited out by friends, Cindy and John, so I might just turn all American and become a Patriots Fan?

On the TV there is a programme about a camp in America, Camp Erin, where kids whose parent/s have died go.
It’s heartbreaking to watch, the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. Most of the children didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to their mum or dad.
Bloody hell I’m now in floods of tears thinking about how close it was for my daughters.

Although life for me now isn’t ideal, I can see how much worse for them it could have been.

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