Yesterday I drove to Windsor ( helped by Pia ) to see my partner Selcuk , to wish him luck for his forthcoming brain surgery.
As expected, he’s a worried man.

He’s not far from my thoughts, most of the time.

Today, as part of what has sort of become my ‘goodbye week’, I saw some of the world’s nicest people, in Cressida Strauss, Marta Barden, Kev Nielsen, Mark Pritchard, Chris Haynes and Mike and Alison Jenkins ( who drove down from Wales to see me ).
I also got to talk to Olly Smallman, Mike Cook, Terry Rodham, Joanne Harris , Ian Chaffey, Dan White and James Cracknell.
When I’m with people like that, I do forget my ‘situation’ for a while.

On the weekend I was lucky enough to see Neal and Debs Watson, Larry and Sazza Frankum, Pia H- Jones and Cliff Hall, as well as my brother Stu and my Sister in Law , Mandy as well as my nephew, Ben ( also making the drive from Wales..! )

Brett and Chrissy Marty and their girls also spent hours with me on Sunday, and on Friday, Alan and Wendy Kingdon.

I am truly blessed to know so many lovely people, who are behind me all the way.

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