It’s not the same, and there are probably more lows than highs, but the lows pass quickly when I’m in the company of Dan, Larry,Kevin, Neal and Chris, five brilliant lads who can’t do enough to make my struggles less.

Skiing was a big part of my life before and I’d not be happy unless I’d performed at my best, every day.
Now I am forced to settle for much less, the frustration of continually falling, not being able to get back up without help, being pushed and carried what seems like everywhere.
Independence is impossible, and I’ve no choice but to accept that.

But hey, at least I’m here.

Yesterday I fell off a chairlift, dropping maybe 6 feet. I couldn’t feel the impact on my legs, but it wasn’t much fun, lying there under the lift, people looking and being held up, as they had to stop the lift for 5 minutes.
It wasn’t my fault, but it wouldn’t have happened had I not been there.
I’m not injured as far as I know, but certainly could have been.

Last day today.
I wonder what I’ll get? It’s been so variable so far, depending on the snow, the sit ski set up, the angle of the poles, with mini skis on the ends that I hold to steer and stay upright.
To me, I’m falling all the time, yet when I’ve watched video that Kevin took, it doesn’t seem that way. Before, I could go days without a tumble, despite skiing in extreme conditions, so I guess I’m still measuring myself against the old me.

OK, so now I’ve skied for 4 solid hours.
Maybe 3 or 4 slips, but definitely not any proper crashes.
Good snow and a change to the angle of my ski poles. Christ what a difference.

It does beg the question as to why my poles weren’t adjusted earlier, but c’est la vie ( as they say here ..)

So now skiing is once again good, whereas yesterday I contemplated never doing it again.

Objective No 1 possibly achieved – being faster than my wife
No 2 is faster than my daughters.
3 faster than my mates, again.

But give me a couple of seasons.

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