To experience absolute and abject failure attempting something sporting, isn’t / wasn’t something that I’m familiar with.
Today’s 2nd day of four in Chamonix, between 9 and 3 o’clock, I had one of the worst days of my life.
I must have hit the deck 50 times, each one a real bang. If I hadn’t had a helmet, I’d have been knocked out a dozen times for sure.

I don’t know what was different about the sit ski set up today, compared to yesterday, but it was worse than awful.
I was honestly close to tears by the end, out of sheer frustration and disappointment, not to mention the real pummelling I’d taken.

Now my head, neck, arms, hands, ribs and shoulders all hurt quite a lot ( so that’s all the parts I can feel ) and I feel light headed.

Drinking to forget tonight is my tactic of choice.

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