Today I’m at the funeral, of Pete Juster, a lovely man, not a close friend, but a close friend of close friends.

It’s the first time I’ve worn a tie since my injury. Sat down and hunched as I am in my chair, it’s amazing how little tie I need in the front, compared to before, stood up and ‘elongated’.

There are lots of people here in the church that I know, saying their goodbyes to Pete.

I can’t help but think that I very very nearly attended my last funeral only 18 months ago, and wonder how it would have gone?

Pete fought cancer bravely for nearly 5 years, and had his time to prepare and say goodbye, even complete his bucket list..
I didn’t have a bucket list, having already filled my bucket several times over, but to die suddenly, prematurely and unexpectedly perhaps creates more grief.

Sat here ( what else ) I feel very sad and emotional, for Pete, his family and friends, and for how close I came to filling a church myself, not so long ago.

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