Russ – our Techno Man! 🙂

Kate and I visited Russ on Tuesday – our first time seeing him since the accident in France. Prior to that, our last memory of ‘Russ the Muss’ was snapping him in his (worrying) pink undies and ski boots. Dani kindly posted that pic earlier on in this amazing blog.

So, we turned up at London Bridge Hospital. Having read the blog and chatted with Dani, I imagined a queue of friends around the block waiting to see Russ (a bit like what we’d see outside an Apple Store when a new iPhone is released!). We were relieved to find we didn’t have to crash a queue, instead went straight up to the 3rd floor where Russ is in the ICU. Smiling faces, generous staff, what a great place LBH is. Russ was having some bandages changed and then his lunch arrived. So after a 15-minute wait, we were ushered in to see the great man himself. (Apparently over the weekend, the waiting room was so full of Russ’s friends and fans that it was overflowing. I don’t think the staff at LBH have ever seen a more popular patient!)

What an amazing room Russ is in. We stayed with him for just over an hour, chatting & checking out his high-tech environment – reminded me a bit of one of my old recording studios, but without the bed ;). I asked Russ if he’d been able to look around and see how much gear was attending to him. He quietly mentioned that he hadn’t be able to take a look yet – what a doofus I felt – and so I took a pic behind the bed and here it is for all to see. Some kit Russ!

Hospital Techo Heaven

Kate sat next to him for most of our visit, Russ talking softly, his eyes accompanying his soft tones. We talked of family, kids – friends. You know what Russ? Without wishing to sound sentimental, seeing you and how you’re coping and getting through this is both incredibly humbling and empowering for us. The way that you’re taking all this in your stride. You have our total respect.

Russ & Kate
Russ was finding it hard to hold up his iPad for long periods – I have the same problem – and so he now has our HoverBar to take the strain. Definitely in the driver’s seat:

pic courtesy of Dani

And so Russ, simply great to see you after all this time and to meet your friend from Cardiff Uni, Charlie P, who turned up later on during our visit.

All our love and keep up your amazing recovery. We’ll see you soon.

Andy & Kate xxx

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