How I fared.

And my 2 day work course went fine… As in no ‘mishaps/spillages’.
That involved rolling off to the loo at every break, invariably meaning that by the time I rolled back, the break was over and I’d missed the coffee. However the hotel staff ( Heathrow Holiday Inn ) were very helpful and flexible and obliging, as was the course organiser, Elaine.

Thanks to Helen and Sel for looking out for me at all times.

I did go to my room early, avoiding drinking ( novel course experience for me, that one ), it taking about 2 hours to sort myself out, get my stuff ready for the morning ( and any middle of night emergencies ) and get into bed.
Then a good 90 minutes in the morning.. But I did it all myself.

Another small thing that represents a fairly large achievement in my new world.

The people on the course were all very polite, helpful at all turns too.

What was slightly strange for me was that of the, let’s say, 30 odd new people that I met, none of them mentioned the chair, asked why I was in it, how long for, whether I would be for ever etc etc.

Have I just gotten used to people asking, and assumed that’s normal? I don’t know, but rightly or wrongly, I still prefer people to ask.

I wonder if I always will?

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