I don’t have a key to the building I live in.

A lady just walked past me and opened the door 20 feet from where i sit , in my chair at 2 am, letting herself in.

She could have asked me if I needed access. I’m sure she wondered why a guy in a wheelchair was  outside the door to the building, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to say something to me.

It does nothing for my faith in humanity.

Having said that, when I wheeled into the traffic on the main road outside, it all stopped. There was silence, no horns, no shouts, no attempts to drive around me, no one got out of their cars, everyone just stopped.

Idea for traffic calming measure – Transport for London ( TfL ) just need to employ a whole bunch of depressed spinally cord injured people in wheelchairs.




I I have quite a few regrets, but none that I can change.

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