I’ve spent this last week trying first to stay alive, no small feat given my recent run of luck, and secondly in good physical health.

Its important for me that I arrive in Louisville in the best shape possible. Gym everyday this week then – the arm bike, stretching and weights. Adam and Alison and Cherie have all done their bit for me, as always.

I I leave in the morning, to arrive tomorrow afternoon. A day to reaclimatise, followed  by the initial assessment and introduction to the medical team there on Monday morning.

I’m Both curious and nervous- this could lead to me standing up, all by myself, or possibly more, things that we all take for granted, right? Well not me, not any more. Now I take nothing for granted. Physical function and capability is every human being’s right, isn’t it?

And then it gets snatched away.

Maybe I’ll get to snatch it back?

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