The course.

So day 3 of the Ind Course.

Lizzie, my chief mentor ( wheelchair 3 yrs, sporty and fit ) is stuck in a lift, between floors ). Thankfully , it’s after, not before, she’s visited the bathroom.

So. I am writing this post breakfast. I managed to get up, wheel to the loo, do what I had to do, have a shave, a dodgy wash, get dressed, and get out of the room in an hour.

Jesus, lots of women ( ok, and men ) with working legs, take a lot longer than that, so I did ok. I did manage to somehow scrape an inch or so of skin off my left foot in the night – lots of blood on the sheets – but it’s not serious.  Skin damage and pressure sores are the main killers of Spinal Cord Injured people, I hear, so I do have to be careful. The trouble is that you can’t feel the pain, so a wound can become something horrendous very quickly, sometimes requiring literally a year in bed. Yes, a YEAR.

We’ve done skills practice, car transfers, a night out for a curry… Floor to chair transfers, wheelies etc etc.

There are only 4 of us actually being trained, and compared to the others i seem to be doing allright  – as in I can get dressed, transfer to a bed, and a car, drive, am working, done a few sports etc. The others haven’t really done any of that list. It doesn’t mean that I’m ahead of the game, but that maybe they’re a bit behind?  Either way, it’s good for all of us to compare with eachother.

Today, more car transfers, including trying to get the sodding chair into the passenger seat. Hard, as my car is pretty short on cockpit space to pass the chair in between me and the steering wheel, and my bloody forearms hurt a lot too. Oh, and my left thumb.

Otherwise, I’m  a 100%…

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