Whilst in the chair today with the physio’s it really came home to me how weak my back is now. Ten weeks lying on your back of course means zero exercise for the back. So when I am sitting now I simply can’t sit up straight as my abdominals are quite strong, therefore I’m pulled forward. So… My main objective now is to regain back strength. Eg As I lie on my side I’m pulling my shoulder blades together as best I can. Given before I’d probably get at least an hour a day working hard on my back muscles in my boat or paddle machine it’s hard to even take in how much power I’ve lost. 

 Bank holidays in London are when everybody goes away so I’ve had a quiet weekend but its meant that I’ve finally started a book, The Iron Duke, the story of Welsh rugby legend Bobby Windsor. It’s a hell of a read, showing how violent life in the front row was in those days, pre video/TV/ proper lines men. Also they didn’t get paid, so Billy played for the British Lions yet still had two jobs to support his family. 
 Cardiff beat Man City today so a good day for Wales! 
 Dani is home tonight so I’ll spend a lovely wedding anniversary tomorrow with her. Have really missed her reassuring company, she makes everything seem better. Guess ill try champagne again. Hoping for a better experience than last time.. 
 Today I read the initial entries in this blog. Of course now it’s mainly me but for the first 6 weeks it was my mum in law, Jenni, Dani, Melissa and my parents. It’s an eye opener for me to get a taste of the rollercoaster optimism then realism cycle, no doubt interspersed with desperate anxiety as my body struggled to stay alive. It did, it got through it, but I bet without being almost constantly surrounded by my loved ones, my survival prospects would have been diminished. 
 I especially want to thank my 9 yr old daughter , Amber, for sitting with my semi conscious self and stroking my face and hair for hours. I don’t have the words to express my love for her. I speak to Amber and my darling Lily on FaceTime every day and tho its not the same as them being here, I at least hear them and see their angelic smiles. 
 I’m a lucky man for sure.

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  1. The Iron Duke…..a ruddy good read Russ…if you haven’t already…have a read of Graham Price’s book…..Price of Wales….thats also a good read…..Jeff T

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