Never a dull moment.

So by virtue of introductions from Tim Killip and Rich Hendron, I met Ian and Warren at Imperial College last week. These very smart guys work at the college and are very much involved with the Rio Tinto Sports Innovation Project , looking at ways to get injured athletes back into sports, using engineering lateral thinking/genius.

They have proposed that I get back into a kayak with their help, and are happy to throw the cerebral weight of their students into the task.

That is extremely exciting for me, and I’m very much looking forward to meeting them again, in November.

In the meantime, this Saturday, I’ll be in a boat again, in The Great River Race, from Greenwich to Ham.

I won’t be paddling but i’ll have the rudder control for 22 miles, from my position of being wedged firmly into the left hand hull.

Thanks to Richard H for talking me into it, against my better  judgement.

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