Many happy returns to the land of the living.

imageThis time last year ( on my birthday ) I was back in London, very much in intensive care still, not really fully aware of just how bad it all was, physically.

They were  still giving me hope that I may have control over my legs, or that it might return.

That wasn’t to be.

I spent this day with Dani and my daughters, and got so many cards it was crazy. It was all pretty overwhelming, in the nicest possible way.

Lots of lovely mums and dads from the kids’ school made a massive banner, and stood outside the hospital.

I only saw pictures of them holding the banner, but that was enough to make me feel very special.

At the time, I couldn’t really speak much, and only very quietly, as I still had the tracheotomy tube in my throat. Plus , champagne tasted like acid.

So God, it’s better now than then… Sure, I know that I probably won’t walk again, officially, now, but at least I’m up and about, can speak almost normally, and am steadily regaining fitness. My body is very much twisted by the assymetry of my injury, plus all the rods in my back, so it’s physically impossible to straighten up. As I’ve always been a bit obsessed by posture, that’s not great for me.

Today though, I’m with my adorable girls, and my little brother, Mandy, Ben and Neal, Debs, Emily, Miles, Karena, Gerry, Conor, Kate, Emily and Sarah…. So I’ll be ok!

Thanks to lots of people who have sent messages and cards too. 🙂

I’ll try to attach pics of some …

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