I wrote this as a response to a friend whose uncle suffered a similar accident to me a few years ago. This man canoed in the Olympics for GB   I re read it and thought it should be my blog entry..

‘ Life is full of surprises. I never thought in my wildest nightmares that this would happen to me, like your Uncle a guy sort of defined by physical achievements. I’ve found out the hard way tho that somehow I’ve managed to befriend enough people along the way to fill bloody Westfield shopping centre!

The hospital waiting room seems always to have a well wisher in it for me…

So it would seem that to all these people the physical stuff was not that important after all, but our friendship was. 

Life’ll go on, I’ll try to get back to doing as many things as I could before ( my Nelo boat I think is history for me…unless it can be fitted with BIG outriggers! ), but I’ve realised that at the end of the day, love makes the world go round, not skiing, cycling or paddling 

Great to hear from you. 

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