2 thoughts on “6 months ago…

  1. Those are hard pictures to see, Russ. Especially for you, I guess. But just look how far you’ve come in 6 months. Imagine what you’ll be doing 6 months from now, a year, 2 years…
    A couple of weeks ago, you said about the two guys who came to see you and who have had a massive recovery from being exactly where you are now. At the time, it made you really depressed and disheartened. But now you are breathing on your own, got out of ICU (in the autumn, wasn’t it?), had your trach out (when was that, by the way?), left hospital for the rehab unit (remind me, which month?)
    OK, I’ll stop labouring the point as I’m sure you’ve got it. 🙂

    You sure as hell look a lot better now, flower.
    Chin up.

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