Was a mixture of emotions being allowed home yesterday. 

Due to a complete cock up with the there and back travel arrangements the day had its fair share of frustration. In transit I definitely  felt more like cargo than a person.  Drivers tend to club you and the wheelchair together as one entity, and reinforce the sensation of being disabled. 
I did however spend 8 hours at home, seeing a few close friends and their children, and of course Dani and my girls. 
I even drank champagne without it tasting like Domestos. 
My guests were Dan, Saskia, Lisa, Andrew and Pia and their lil ones. I’m pretty sure they all had a laugh. I want to thank them all for their enormous contribution to getting me this far, and for  spending loads of their free time with me. 
Reading between the lines you can probably tell that I still feel like a nuisance to the world around me, despite everybody telling me I couldn’t be more wrong. 
I’ve just literally been told that a bed has become available at Stoke Mandeville hospital, tomorrow at 2pm! That’s very little notice, but I’ve obviously got to take it to continue my progress 
I naturally feel apprehensive. It’ll be very very different to here. 
Thankfully my shoulder already seems a little better, good news as I think the hard physical work will begin there. 
It’s near Aylesbury and not far from the lovely Milton Keynes!
Just remembered there’s a ski slope in MK…. Brain ticking over ref disabled ski bike… 
Ok, gotta go. Therapist here. 

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