Carrying on.

Tickets for Centre Court at Wimbledon today, via the public ballot ‘lottery’. Thanks to Wendy F for applying for me.
Debs and I are going ( to the wheelchair section ) which is pretty high up, so good view.

For a non tennis fan, going to both Queen’s and Wimbledon in 2 weeks, is a little odd, but hey, I’m certainly not complaining.

I’m not sure who’s playing today but it’ll be a treat I’m sure.

God, I’ve had a busy week, whilst Dani was away walking Hadrian’s Wall. She, Pia, Sarah and Anna were supposed to do it last year, this week. Guess who messed that up for them ..?

Massive thanks to Chris and Caroline Bennfors for having me for the weekend, with my girls, including staying the night.
It’s the best sleep I’ve had in months ie not in my kitchen at home.

Thanks to Larry for a crazy night out on Friday – yes, proving again that the chair doesn’t stop me having a laugh.
Thanks to Mark for bringing his shotgun round for me to try and hold, to see if shooting clays is an option. Not long ago I’d have stuck the narrow end in my mouth … But I’m past that now.

Thanks to Sonal for helping me at work yesterday to do my job, to Ina for dinner last week, to Karena for the same, to Carol PS for her visit, to Cress and Marta and Debs and Pia for ensuring I don’t smell too badly, to Cherie for keeping me mobile, to Emily for her beautiful company, and for coming with me to watch my darling Amber in her school athletics match ( she won the long jump ), to Andrew and Lisa likewise, to all my friends kids for being so friendly ( really, it’s strange but post injury kids are so much more attentive… I think they just want a go in my chair…), to Arti, Irinder and Sonia for a great night out.

So, life continues to speed up, not to the velocity it was before, but not far off.

I try to exercise pretty hard most days, and don’t eat very much, determined not to make mobility harder by becoming a fat git.
Yes, that is a choice I still have. The same rules apply – calories in vs energy expended. I can’t move lots of me, but I can burn calories with my arms and shoulders, so that’s what I’ll do, for as long as I can.
I try an arm bike on Monday – one I lie down in and arm pedal. I hope it’s good.. We’ll see. Theoretically, with my arms I should chug along pretty well, but who knows.

I’ll be sure to watch out for motorcyclists….

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