5 am, spasming…

Thanks to Rob for his time the other day, and his ever appalling jokes…. to Jane for hér wisdom, to Chris for his recent visit for the day, to Mark, Jo and Cressida for losing to me at Balderdash, to Skye for coming joint first with me, to Pia for all her love, to Linda for learning to tidy up without a maid ( yep, no reliance on those formerly  enslaved by the British Empire, here in London  – you gotta do it yerself…)

I managed to double book myself on Saturday night, and have a wheelchair ticket and Carer ticket to see the somewhat legendary Fat Boy Slim in Alexandra Palace that I can’t use… but do you think I can shift those tickets to anyone else with a Spinal Cord Injury ( paralysis person ) like me? Nope, the thousands of others out there don’t wanna brave it and get out there, it would seem?  Whilst I’m a little saddened by that, I’m pleased for myself being the only one to apparently push on regardless, so Go Me. Most people in the Access platforms aren’t in wheelchairs, and don’t appear to have anything visible ‘ wrong with them ‘ but of course I don’t know their medical histories, so can’t really say too much – well, until they stand up in front of me, at which point I might. I’m thinking of carrying a water pistol to gigs, so that I can get people who stand up right in front of me, to move  a little out of the way…

I’m seeing the very talented Franz Ferdinand instead – no not the dead Arch Duke, but thé band. I saw them years ago and they are just brilliant! Last time I saw my lovely friend, Sue there – I wonder if that’ll happen again ?

i continue to face the possibility of homelessness, with the stark reality of being refused a mortgage by lots of lenders, because of the cost of my care, which I have to pay for myself. Work in progress though..

Other than that I get the ‘ urgent ‘ appointment post skin biopsy on Monday morning, to find out how long I’ve got left….or not. I may not even need somewhere to live!? Well that would be one positive !

My spasms are definitely back with a vengeance – I don’t sleep much in general, due to my left leg running it’s nightly 10k, and as I can’t  lie down in the day, like all you normalpeeps, I don’t ever ‘nap’.  Hey ho, I just suck that up and carry on. No choice there, I’m afraid. The spasms are always for a reason – I do know that… maybe I have an undetected health problem that will be revealed to me on Monday, that’s responsible? I didn’t use to sleep enough Pre injury, and coped fine, so I guess at least I have the training….

My carers all get far more sleep opportunities than I do, but consistently ‘ complain ‘ about it far more than I possibly could. I suppose that’s just human nature. I’ve noticed that those I consider my best friends ( all people i admire and love deeply, and am grateful too in spades )  are invariably people that don’t actually complain about anything, at least not to me. Isn’t that an interesting observation, it’s just occurred to me.

No coincidence, I feel !

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  1. Not sure you should think other wheelies are sitting at home… they just dont want to see Fat Boy Slim! They’re probably skiing….

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