Wheelchairs and cars.

The lovely Julie took me to my wheelchair provider, the other day.

It’s really quite sobering to see a warehouse on an industrial estate FULL of wheelchairs.
All types were there, including lots for children.

It’s sad for me being in this chair, but, God, at least my children and those of my friends and family are fit and able, no accidents having befallen them.

And I pray it stays that way.

Julie is also helping me with a choice of car, and that’s not easy.
We think a Honda, but the whole Motability Scheme for the disabled is in a state of flux.
The Government, in response to a national paper’s exposee on the scheme’s ‘abuse’ by the ‘not very disabled ‘ decided to limit the cars available, and the ‘spec’ too.
So, I can’t get a Honda that has electric adjustment seats or SatNav.
When you’ve not got a free hand ( because one hand is steering and the other controls the brake plus the accelerator and you are lost, the Satnav is a pretty useful thing….

When you want the seat forward or back and you’ve no legs or abdominals or lower back muscles, how are you supposed to do it?
It is possible, but it’s far from easy.

Bit like everything else now.

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