Belated thanks to Mary, Ina, and Nicola for all separately coming to see me Thursday and Friday. 

Mary, my cousin’s wife, sang beautifully at my wedding 18 years ago. She sings (semi?) professionally still, though I’ve not heard her since our big day. She had the pleasure of helping me in the gym for an hour on thurs – passing me weights etc. 
Nicola cooked me a fish dish lunch which went down very well, as did her anecdotes ( best not repeated here…)
Ina works with me, and therefore brought wine. Every colleague that comes brings alcohol. What does that say about my reputation at work?
Plus she microwaved me a sumptuous ready made chicken dinner, and gave me yet more chocolate ( eaten this weekend ). Thanks!
Dan ran 42 miles today, qualifying him hopefully for entry into the Tour de Mont Blanc 100 mile race in the summer. 
Now there’s something to look forward to , right?!
Tonight we’ve got dinner for 16 at Debs and Neal’s house, our 22nd year of Annual Xmas mates dinner. Always a real laugh, and I’m sure still will be despite my change of seating arrangement. 

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