It’s mid flight and it would seem I’ve had ‘an accident ‘. 

This has turned what promised to be a pleasurable experience into, mentally, an awful one. 
Obviously babies do this all the time. They do something, the parent changes the nappy, sorted. Or the parents decide to leave it and clean the infant when they land, or even get to their final destination. 
The baby’s not bothered either way….
At about 4 , kids develop a/the sense of ’embarrassment’. That developed sense stays with humans for the rest of their conscious lives. 
At 47, mine’s very much alive and well. 
At this current time, I feel absolutely awful. Here I am, trapped in my seat, with  no option other than to sit here, then to disembark ( with help from at least 2 BA staff ) via an ‘aisle chair’, then to transfer into my own wheelchair, get thro customs, wait for the luggage, get into a taxi queue, transfer into a cab, get taken to the hotel ( about 90 minutes ), find our room, get onto a bed, then my poor wife has to clean me up, and in front of the kids too. 
I’m finding it hard to ‘deal with’ the next few hours in my head. 
If it was my baby I’d be a little uneasy at worst. 
But like I said, the baby doesn’t have the self consciousness issue that I do, and that all of you do.  
I talked to quite a few guys who’ve flown as paraplegic passengers. I think they all said they’d never had ‘ an accident ‘ 
Well just my f’ing luck then. 

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  1. Hi ya,
    hey, try not to worry, that’s easy for me to say i know. People will understand, your wife is fantastic and she doesn’t mind helping you because she loves you so much. As for your kids, send down to the bar to get some soft drink and look around. Kids are tough. As for you, you are amazing and coping better than me with my little knocks and hurts. I think about you and your family every day. You inspire me to keep going, thank you. You have turned to a different chapter in your book of life, you will get stronger over time and cope with anything and everything. Just remember Russ, the mind is powerful and you can control how you feel. When i feel down, i think… Blimey I could have been killed, when i had my accident 🙂 It helps me x. So, enjoy your break in America with your wonderful wife and children. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014 Barb. G. 🙂

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