In your post of 19th Dec(great intro line BTW..hope everyone appreciated the delicacy of the alliteration re Big Apple and core….BRiLLIANT!) mention you might stop the blog…
Please dont stop the blog, please dont stop the blog….
I am sure i am speaking for a lot of regular readers out there when i say that it would leave a big hole in our lives. Your ups and downs are our ups and downs, albeit on an entirely different level. If YOU can get through your day with all its multivarious challenges then we feel that we can overcome the challenges in our own lives and it gives us some perspective and clarity on daily dilemmas. That parking ticket, unexpected bill, job difficulty, dying animal, cancelled train. gains some perspective in it’s negative impact on our lives. I know that that sounds selfish and i know you are not there to provide a public service. Please dont also think that people read the insight into your life and then sit back with a self satisfied thankyou prayer to god that it isnt them..that’s not it at all…its more that the minutiae of your day is so relatable to everybody somehow. It is uplifting somehow….and gives everyone a chance to see who they really are…I am sure i am not the only one who has wondered how I would deal with it if put in the same position….your striving has a lot of awe-struck followers I’m afraid.
If it really is becoming a chore that you dread then of course you must give it up but on the positive side maybe there is some cathartic element in you offloading all the crap you are dealing with to the might miss it if you gave up and you might be drawn back ..I certainly hope so.
Meantime ..please dont stop the blog, please dont stop the blog …and big love to you and the indomitable Dani. Next instalment please..

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