Myself and my friend, Terry Rodham, went to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Unit today ( my ‘home’ for 7 long months not so long ago )

The plan was to go there and meet the lady that is the chief physio and person in charge of physical rehab of the patients.

I’d come up with the idea that the best use of money from my charity fund was to refurbish/ re-equip/ improve/add to the gym that they have there, which from my time there I recall as being inadequate, too small and badly equipped.

It seemed to be shut far too often and lacking in the variety of ways to exercise post SCI.

In a world that is tied up too tight already in red tape, I predicted that there might be more objections and obstacles to suggestions than there would be suggestions – which proved to be the case.

Lack of space was the main obstacle. Terry and I pointed out that ‘modern’ gyms had various space efficient options, whereby all that was really needed was a wall.

It was apparent that there were quite a few walls in the Centre, but that was countered with such arguments as ‘ we do need somewhere to hang some art, which may give the patients more satisfaction’.

Having spent a fair bit of time there I don’t recall talking to any fellow patients that lamented the lack of paintings on the walls, but maybe I just didn’t talk to any of the art lovers ?

I won’t be put off, of course, and will press on with this, to find a way of making this happen.


The ‘ collection’ that I pressed for to raise money for the funeral costs of the late Selcuk, raised ( from the 150 people in the meeting ) realised a total of £240.

That’s  £1.60 per person.

A friend of mine, Mike Smith, was so moved/ surprised by this, that he single-handedly doubled ( and a bit more ) the running total.

Mike has never met Selcuk.

Whilst that reminds me what a star Mike is, it reminds me of the lack of response from too many work colleagues ie there wasn’t one, when I suffered my own misfortune.

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