28th June…Good news :)

Dear All
Russ had his MRI scan today but wasn't back on the ward till 1.00. Larry and Sarah had arrived to see Russ before they left for Cannes. They brought Amber a gift of a hand puppet that was a fluffy tigress. Dani, Amber, Larry and Sarah went to visit Russ. Russ smiled at Amber ( and the puppet)and then at Dani. When Larry said he was leaving and said " see you in a little while" Russ looked very upset and frowned. Bob and Di went to see Russ afterwards and he gave Di three smiles. Dani, Russ and Bob are going to talk to a doctor at 5.15PM. So better news today and fingers crossed. It really is a roller coaster isn't it?
Love to you all as always.
Jenni xxx

Following on from the above, I have just had a message from my mum and Dani to say that after Dani, Di and Bob's meeting with the doctors to discuss the results of Russ's brain MRI, it seems that there is no atrophy(damage) to Russ's brain.  
This is clearly a HUGE relief and a massive step forward on the road to recovery!!!
Russ is still being intubated as he is not yet in a fully conscious state.  He is due to have a tracheotomy on Monday as he will be expected to be all most 'up to the surface' and his lungs still need some help with breathing. He is still at risk of infection and he does have to stay very still to avoid rupturing his lungs again with his repairing lungs but fingers crossed onward and upwards.

Thanks as always for your positive thoughts and well wishes, I am sure that you have transferred some good energies all the way to France! :)

Lots of love

1 thought on “28th June…Good news :)

  1. This blog is brilliant, we feel less far away from Dani and Russ with the updates. Wish there was something we could do to speed Russ’ recovery and get you both back to Chiswick ASAP.
    Excellent news regarding the MRI. Keep it up Russ, all that strength is being put to the test now and we know how you love a challenge!
    Lots of love to you both and your gorgeous girls.
    Sally and Sam XX

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