28th Jan.

Today a lot of fun had. 

Started with my first taste of ‘hand biking’. 
I’d thought I’d never want to get onto any type of bicycle ever again… But today I did and I liked it. It involved laps of a running track, and pretty slowly at that, but  I had a go and it was a good workout for my pigeon lungs, enough to make me want to go again soon, and to try to get my own, ultimately. 
Next stop a weird balancing machine which straps me in a stand up position then wobbles me about with me sort of helping. Supposed to help my core muscles, but not that convincing. 
Lunch with my mate Jeremy Day, followed by another lunch with Cressida!
Her jacket potato kicked the ass out of the hospital one I’d just eaten…
Cress then brilliantly accompanied me to wheelchair skills practice and helped me with kerbs for an hour. 
If all my visitors did that with me, I’d be like Eddie Kidd ( in fact I actually would, since he broke his back too ). 
Ina came later from work for another game of Bananagrams – yes, victory was sweet – and now I’m in bed, pain free. 
My infection seems to have receded. 
Before ‘this’ I was practically impervious to all illnesses, shrugging of a cold invariably in a day, and maybe, just maybe there’s something of that resistance left in me, not all of it used up in June 2013 during my body’s fight for life itself. 
Maybe this signals the start of a fight back ?
That would be good. 

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