Been awake for 3 hours. 
Seen people ski past the window. 
Made me cry.
I so wanted this to be our family, all skiing together, 15 of us, kids to grandparents, a bit of friendly competition thrown in. 
I guess when I’ve cracked sit skiing (?) that’ll be possible. Maybe not this year though. 
It’s still great to be here, to see and hear my girls messing about and laughing. Last night during my first sit on a sofa,
Lily cuddled into me for about half an hour , her legs over mine. I couldn’t feel them, but I could see them, and feel the love flowing from her to me. 
That was just brilliant , even tho it hurt, her shoulder pressing into my painful ribs. 
The appartment booked by Alwyn and Nadia couldn’t be better   It’s ground floor and one level, and everyone else can ski right out of the patio doors onto the slopes. 
The girls are gonna have a brilliant time with their cousins. It’s the first time all the Dawkins have ever been together. 
There’s a great sense of happiness in the air. 
And it’s an awful lot better than being in hospital. 
Happy Xmas to all the wonderful staff at Stoke Mandeville , especially those on St David’s Ward. National Spinal Injuries Centre. ( NSIC ) 

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  1. Hey Russ, Sounds great, all the very best for the holidays, I bet you loving it inbetween and around the whole family, just awesome pal.
    Merry Christmas to you and those lovely girls of yours.

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