26th September 2015

imageimageMy T shirt for the match.
Today I go with my mates, Larry, Neal and Miles to watch Wales play England in the Rugby World Cup – 8pm kickoff  in Twickenham.

I fear that the Welsh team has lost too many players to injury to win today, but  we’ll see.

As good as it would be to win, at the end of the day it’s only a game.


And I say that because  yesterday i watched ‘Everest’, with my devoted friend, Clair, at the cinema.

Its a harrowing ( and true ) story, of disaster on the world’s highest peak in 1996.

Of those climbers that died, one ( Rob Hall, from New Zealand ) became a father shortly after his death. His daughter, Sarah, is now 14. There was a picture of her at the end of the film. She looked very much like my own 14 year old, Lily.

The difference between them is that Sarah doesn’t have a dad, and Lily does.

They very nearly had more in common, didn’t they?

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