25th November, 1 month til Christmas. My first in a sodding wheelchair.

Kev (retired at 45) and Julie ( single and increasingly svelte, at 45) brought me lunch today. 

Lasagne, buffalo mozarella salad and cakes. What a treat. 
Having survived thrashing around half under water at 9 am for half an hour followed by some gym and a discharge ( no, not that kind of discharge ) meeting, it was good to have a laugh and eat well. 
My voice is finally getting a little stronger, improving my confidence in a group setting. When all you can do is speak quietly, it drags you down…. I think my lung capacity is finally increasing. Wey hey!
Dani left later on, and my parents arrived with shepherds pie. Very tasty!
I was a little alarmed that I seem to have LOST a few pounds this week, despite my biceps growing, seemingly by quite a lot. 
Of course it doesn’t make me strong, as in some ways I have no capability at all. 
I can’t hold both arms in front of me. If I try I fall forward. That’s probably for life. 
It means that one hand always has to hang on to my wheelchair, as an anchor, usually to  one wheel rim. 
Still, the biceps at least look ok. 
After weighing, I’ve eaten non stop. 
I can’t kick my healthy habits tho, so I avoid crap food. 
Fat in a wheelchair ? Very easily done I’d say, but not me, if I can at all help it. 

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