21st of June.

Sitting ( what else???!) in the sun down at Lily’s rowing club. Will watch her go out and row and come back and try not to think of the countless times I canoed along beside her rowing boat.

2 thoughts on “21st of June.

  1. Nah, sod it. Think of all the times you canoed alongside her rowing boat.
    At least you got to do it.
    At least she got to have a Dad who did that stuff for a while. And now she’s got a Dad who does other stuff.
    Be proud of what you did, be sad because of the change and then start thinking about what you can do with her in the future.

  2. At least you’ve done it with her….many fathers don’t do anything with their children.
    This is how I think you should think about it.
    Your girls love having you watching them, they remember what you taught them, that’s the most important thing.
    We all love you, we love having you around us, you are you and whatever we will always remember what you’ve taught us through your life.
    You are special always have been and always will be, remember that . X x x x x

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