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And I thought I was non PC..

My help is a lady of 57. She’s a lovely woman and not exactly controversial.
I put the TV on and up came a match between Man Utd ladies and somebody else.
To my shame I said. ‘ I can’t really take women’s football and rugby that seriously..’

She replied ‘ OMG neither can I. Let’s face it, they’re all a bunch of big lesbians anyway! ‘


Gravity ( with a lot of levity )

I watched a ( space astronaut) film tonight called Gravity. In the end the heroine doesn’t finish up dead, despite many near misses on her way back to Earth, with all the near misses almost certainly destined to kill her, yet each time rather miraculously she is ‘ saved by circumstances that prevent it’

Anyway, it struck me after it had finished that my own ( life ) story is as about as unbelievable ( but based on Earth ) as the film, and the central character ( yours truly ) somehow lives on…

If you watch it… and you know my story, then do think of me, ok ! 🤦‍♂️😂

August 17th 2020

Not written much of late, have I ?

Stuff like online dating has occupied my time for a bit … well something has to!

I’ve met quite a few people doing it, and mostly lovely tbh. It’s definitely one way to make new friends, that’s for sure. Obvs my own dating tales are things I shouldn’t write about much ( or I pretend they happened to someone else ) .. but I now get to hear about other people’s tales… and blimey they really are hilarious!

Most of the funny bits are to do with the sex , or the sex avoidance that goes on.
Anyway I’ll tell more soon.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I should be in Portugal.. but travelling is complicated enough already for me, without the added virus stuff 🤦‍♂️

And I had my first spliff the other night too?! I can’t say that tobacco is good for my lungs tho. Gawd, in the viral situation I think anyone that is still smoking is mental!


I went to a lecture a couple of years ago, with Marky P, about shockwaves and their effects.
Seeing the absolute devastation in Beirut with cars being shot all over the place and buildings totally wrecked.. its hard to believe that ANY humans in the vicinity survived.
That they are currently alive actually means little though, after listening to that lecture. People suffer damage internally at a cellular level from bomb blasts, and die later.
So that’s going to happen in Beirut, for sure. 🙁