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About 15 years ago I had a tooth removed and I had an implant put there instead. That’s where they drill into your jaw and make a metal peg, and then stick an artificial tooth on top of the peg, with super strong glue. It’s never supposed to come off, either.

A month ago mine did come off. ‘This was as well as the front tooth breaking off… anyway I did my usual and used superglue to stick it back in, trying not to get that all over my tongue and gum… and being partially successful. It did work, but then fell off again after a couple of days. So I tried it again, and the same happened. I think I stuck it back on about 5 times, but it always came off when I ate something sticky.

I then went on eBay and bought some proper dental glue stuff. I did figure that I had to get it exactly right, as this stuff would stick fast pretty quickly, so was careful not to put the tooth on the wrong way round!

It’s trickier than you think this dentistry malarkey, and is definitely best left to the professionals. I did stick it on, but not exactly as it should have been, probably because I used a bit too much glue, so it wouldn’t go on totally properly. I was reluctant to go to the dentist and tell him what I’d done, so thought I’d just leave it to settle. … and hey! It has.

Good as new now…

So if anyone wants any dentistry done, as long as it’s only gluing, I’m your man. Are there no end to my talents… ?

I had my catheter changed just now. I did actually do that myself a few times.. until it went wrong and I ended up in an ambulance. Now I leave it to the medics, not that that lot get it right every time, as I have found out to my eternal expense.

March 17th.

I had my hair cut yesterday. The Turkish lad cutting my hair showed me the video of the massacre in New Zealand. To say it’s chilling would scarcely describe it. It’s as though the killer is in one of those pointless but popular video war games, with him methodically going from room to room to kill everyone. He returns to each room to shoot most of the bodies again, to make absolutely sure. You get the impression that he is totally emotionless in the act, as a player would be in the game, where the targets aren’t actually real people.

I think it’s almost certainly going to spawn copycat shootings, in those that watched it and enjoyed it, and there are definitely going to be a lot of those amongst the disenchanted.

Automatic machine guns seriously don’t have a place in the world, other than strapped to soldiers.

I wouldn’t recommend watching that video btw.


Wendy and I went to the Natural History Museum last night to see Bohemian Rhapsody, as staged by the Lunar Cinema. Great films in iconic places.

They kindly gave me free tickets after I’d said the Valentines Night buses and tubes had prevented us getting there that night.

Amazing venue for anything, that place.

We went by bus and got there early – imagine that! 45 minutes rather than 4 hours, this time…

This is the only picture taken of Wendy and I with my ex wife. ..

Well I never.

Well I’ll tell you what… things do seem to have changed. Two or three years ago I was regularly being made to feel very awkward/ being refused entry to buses when the bus had a baby’s buggy in the wheelchair space already. Drivers would frequently just not put down the ramp for me, or just shake their heads and drive off. Now that isn’t happening.

Before, it was quite common for a parent with a buggy to absolutely decline to give way to the wheelchair ( despite the law and the clear signage ). Now parents are smiling politely at me, moving buggies off the buses and ushering me on with cheery words. Males in particular are very gracious.

I do feel guilty when I effectively bump the pram off the bus, but to avoid confusion all round as to who has priority, I do board the bus and obviously thank the exiting buggy pusher.

It would seem to have crept into social convention then, this acceptance, at least in the areas I travel. The bus drivers too are smiling more.

Good, isn’t it?