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Back in SM.

After another 2 days at home I’m back here in SM

I can’t say for a moment that I look forward to coming back here. It’s not that there’s anything dreadful about the place, but it’s no substitute for home. 
Dani was her usual caring, efficient and incredible self. Her love for me i know knows no limit. She’d do ( and does ) anything for me, literally. 
On our wedding day, she agreed to unite with me ‘for better or for worse’. 
On that day she would have had no idea just how much worse things would be. For myself I couldn’t ever foresee how much I would have to rely on her 18 years later. 
For those of you that know her, her coping will probably hold no surprises. Dani’s girlfriends hold her in such high regard, for being so able, being the perfect mother, and for being so bloody academic at the same time. Her employers, Osborne Clarke solicitors,  have been so flexible since my accident and I’d like to thank them so very  sincerely for their sympathy and empathy during this pretty dire time for her. 

This weekend was spent mostly by ourselves, really what we needed as a family. My bum sore has gotten no worse for the trip home, and it looks like this week,  at last, I’ll be on a proper rehab timetable. 
I’m pretty sure my chair is not helping me. It needs a smaller backrest to enable me to move more, and push better. I guess that kinda thing’ll be addressed this week. 
I’d like to congratulate the kids for absolutely thrashing me at Cluedo. I’ve not played since 12 yrs old, the age Lily ( the victor ) is now. God, those girls’s bluffing game totally befuddled me!
Next week I’ll be wiser to their tactical agility, though fear I’ll still get my sore ass whipped. 

( I’ve just heard that there are a MILLION sheep in Wales. That’s about one per four Welsh men, so def room for more sheep then.) 

Hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did. 
Russ x

Thank you.

I’d like to thank all those people who messages me and offered to meet up this weekend. 

It’s very touching to feel wanted I can tell you 
As it was, I really wanted to see as much of my daughters as possible so had to say no to my generous friends. I don’t see the girls in the week as they’re in school with all that that involves, so I’ve got to try to max out my weekend opportunity.  
I’m sure any parent understands this sentiment. Going 5 days a week without them is hard enough without also overcommit ing myself on the weekends. 
As time goes by this’ll get easier and my improvements in mobility will help a lot too. 
I find my wheelchair bloody hard work. 
On YouTube everyone seems to have nifty lookin chairs – think mine is anything but… 
I’ll talk to SM and see what they say…

Poor Dani.

Being remobilised , and therefore vertical in the chair, certainly does wonders for the ‘intestinal movements’. From being constipated in SM, I’ve gone into reverse 

I must applaud my wife for handling this ‘situation’ like a consummate pro. 
It’s certainly not for the feint hearted. 
Again it’s lovely being at home. I’ve lain on my front for a few hours ( for the first time ), which is awesome pressure relief for my butt, and also intro’d bed press ups to me. I’m pathetically weak compared to before but at least I’m trying     
I don’t think I’m ready to take on Stuart ( my brother) in the 60 second 115 press up October 18th challenge yet either. 
What we’re going to do is this:
Stu, age 45, is competing against a relay team of 2 or 3 Hogarth Gym personal trainers, all aged under 30. 
So the bet is, can a ‘middle aged’ Welshman beat a team of highly trained pro’s?
There is a financial element, as this is a charity event…. 
The ‘audience’ will be asked to buy into this by placing a bet on either Stu or the athletic young men of the Hogarth Group. 
Those that bet on the right option will go into a prize draw for a prize. 
You have to factor in that Stu will by this point be pretty drunk, whereas the Athletes will no doubt have  abstained for the evening 😉
I know who my money is on, but that would be telling 🙂
Ironically, if I wasn’t bloody paralysed, I’d certainly try to beat him!
There’s a rumour ( started by me, now! ) that Stu will just be wearing just his Budgie Smugglers. I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the Athletes that they wear an outfit befitting the occasion too. 
I should say that this is an open event, anybody/ any team  can enter! I’m sure there’ll a free pint for anyone that does….
So get training. 

Home today.

My Bum’s been deemed fit to travel home.

What a relief. 
I was allowed 2 hours in the chair yesterday, 25 mins of that in the gym, the rest just taking it easy with my brother, Stu. We had a coffee, and were joined by my buddies from the Hogarth Club  ( Chaffs, Terry and Chris ). Then 2 work colleagues showed as well ( Bal and Jude ) so we had ourselves a bit of a party.. 
Actually yesterday 11 people came to see me. My folks, Jerry, Neal and Trudy came too. To say it was a full day would be understating it. 
Everyone says I’m looking a lot healthier, my face scars are fading, and my upper body is filling out. I do feel stronger physically, despite my 5 days enforced bed rest. 
I find pushing my chair hard work. I think it must be a combination of shite technique and limited flexibility in my shoulders. 
Lying on my recently broken right shoulder is proving very uncomfortable. 
I think the rotator cuff is playing up too ( a common shoulder condition ) , so ill need to work on that in the gym. Rest’s not the cure with that one. 
I’m allowed 4 hours in the chair per day over the weekend, so lots of time lying in bed ( but at home, in our own bed – big difference, awaits ) , so not a crazy weekend forecast…. 
I’ve gotta build in ‘arse pressure relief strategies’ into my day, changing positions in the chair, lifting myself up regularly etc, to prevent a repeat sore. 
I’ve learnt the hard way that forgetting to do this stuff just leads to tissue death…
I’ve woken really early these last 2 days ( it’s 6 am now ) because lying on my side just makes me ache such a lot. Being up and about more again should hopefully help my sleeping ( cos I definitely need it ) 
Stu videoed me in the gym yesterday. I had a quick look and wondered who the skinny looking lad was… Thankfully the weight loss hasn’t made me look 20 yrs older. Cos I used to spend so much time training outdoors, on the river etc, and therefore looked permanently weathered ( but now I stay indoors )  it’s even posible ( according to Dani ) that I look younger?
She could just be trying to make me feel better though..
I think around a hundred people have committed to the party on October 18th. 
That brings a tear to my eye. 
How am I gonna be able to talk to everyone? 
I might need a couple of wheelchair body doubles, with slight Welsh accents. 
Any volunteers ?
My brother Stu is promising to do ‘the 115 press ups challenge ‘ whilst pissed. 
Details on the night, but if you think you can beat him on the night, get training 😉

A day full of brilliant visitors. 

Dani, Caroline, Bev, Pia in a rush of chatty beautiful women… Oh and Chris was there too, as male support. 
Then this eve, when we’d planned to go to the blimmin pub (!) Quentin, Rick, Tim and Bret came and stood around the bed for 2 hours entertaining me.. With secretly smuggled in vodka and even a dash of tonic. 
My body is tired of the inactivity and aches a lot, but I think my Bum is healing at least. 
I’ve spoken to my girls on the phone. 
It’s getting harder, being without them. 
It seems now that each phone call has a spell where tears run down my face, as they are now. 
They are, thankfully, so much stronger than me. 
Can’t wait for the day I go home for good.