20 odd days to Christmas.

The day started with 3 hours ( yes 180 minutes ) in the toilet. 

Jesus, I wouldn’t have thought that possible. 
Until today. 
I hated every minute of it. 
‘ Things’ don’t happen like they used to, and I’ll learn that over the coming years.
I missed my first two appts whilst sat there, and almost loss the will to live too. 
I was greatly cheered up by the arrival of my new buddy, Amber, who made me laugh and put my ablutions issues into context. 
I chose to skip badminton and table tennis to talk to her…  To be frank badminton, with its rallies of a maximum of 2 shots, is a bit of a waste of time…
I went to the gym later instead and wore myself out on the arm slide machine. The other ‘inmates’ think I’m a little odd trying so hard, but that’s my thing..
My awesome brother, Stu, turned up for his weekly visit at about 4. 
He drives HOURS every week to chat to me, and I love him with all my heart for it. 
We spent an hour watching YouTube videos of ‘adaptive skiing’, that I’ll try in 3 weeks time. I’m told it’s going to be very hard, and I’ll get frustrated. 
I know it’ll be a nightmare to start with, but hopefully I’ll get somewhere eventually. A big thank you to Luke here who’s done it and talked us through the rollercoaster of emotions that I’m sure to experience soon. 
Basically it’ll  be like learning to walk again, with wooden legs.
On skis. 
I talked to my daughters on the phone next. 
Amber’s enthusiasm for life is quite breathtaking, and she’s 9 going on 29 in so many ways. She’s such a joy to just listen to.  
Lily is 12 and pretty ‘cool’ these days. She laughs such a lot, as does Amber. 
Is there anything better than the sound and sight of laughing, happy children that you love? 
I think not. 
They both often tell me that they love me. 
(That’s even better than the laughing). 
They are the main reason I’m glad I didn’t die. 

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