18 hours and counting….

…til the first batch of intrepid pedallers make the first push. 

I hope to be there at the start, with a whistle/ gun(?) / flag, or probably just to shout / whisper  ‘go’. 
It’s going to be a very emotional night for me, all of those kind hearted people there just for my charity. 
I’ll have seen quite a few of the 200 at one hospital or another over these last 4 strange months, but there’ll be a lot that I’ve not caught up with. 
Will it be awkward for them, or for me? Very few will have seen me in my wheelchair. A wheelchair categorises you, puts you in a bracket. I’m now a DISABLED person. There are signs telling people like me which way we’re best to go. The absence of a sign may well mean I cannot go there at all. 
In SM it’s easy, there are 110 of us scooting about. In the Hogarth tomorrow, it’ll be just me. All 3 foot 6 of me, two and a half feet shorter than before, looking up to everyone. 
As I write I’m not afraid of the prospect, but I now feel nervous. I still speak quietly, and tend to slur ( though this has gotten better ). It’ll be loud at the party, louder than anywhere I’ve been for 4 months. 
People will only hear me if they get pretty close. I’ll no doubt have a few drinks, and God, I do intend having a good time. 
I’ll apologise now for not being able to speak to, and thank, everyone who comes. 
But I am so grateful to all of them, as well as to the senders of the many emails that I’ve had recently. 
But above all else folks, whatever you do, have a laugh doing it. Make the most of every moment. 

6 thoughts on “18 hours and counting….

  1. Let me try again…

    Greetings from Honkers! Hope you all had a cracking night and the spine going well! I started 7 hours before the rest of you (except Alwyn who prob started just after his post)! Stu – hope u succeeded in the pressup challenge – you were looking big in yr Welsh speedos! Charlie

  2. Dear Russ, I am writing to you from Tokyo Narita airport. My flight to London was cancelled earlier this morning and I have no way to get to London by this evening. I am so pissed off I am thinking of starting a petition to persuade everyone in the world to boycott BA (they bring another dimension to incompetence). I am so sorry to miss your party, I know it’s going to be incredible for you and for all the guests. Don’t be nervous, the amount of love and admiration in the room will be overwhelming. Don’t drink too much either, best to practice that in private first, who knows what will happen. Good luck to Stu in the press-up comp, I remember him crushing some body-builder bar man in Barcelona years ago, earning us free drinks all night! Anyway, lots of love, have a great time, Alwyn

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