I’ve  just read this .

I find occasional emails that were sent to me back when I was still pretty confused….

On 1 Aug 2013, one of my staff wrote:

Welcome back to the UK boss. Hope you feel better for being home-ish. 

Iv been very impatient with waiting for updates on the blog, click on it a million times a day. I know you will love all the superhuman comments, wish u all the strength in the world to make something good of this shit situation, miss you and your humour on a daily basis. If you need anything, let me know. 


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  1. Hi both,
    I promise you I’m not in this predicament through choice. I’ll be back as soon as I’m able to drive, sit up straight without falling over, and have my room adapted for me to function in it.
    Sorry folks, it may take a few months.

    Russ x

  2. Staines needs you back pretty quick. I went in there the other day and you don’t see the same staff in there for very long. Big turn around. from a Customer x x x Tina

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