Top night with the Unfortunates club last night.
Chris Cats can actually cook food, and even bake cakes (?!) .. me n the Blind Man just had to get there and bring wine ( which I forgot… so had to stop en route ).
Anyway – both top guys. Deaf Mike yet again didn’t come … we may have to advertise for more half people to swell the numbers.
Chris knows another blind person… and has proposed her … but Paul made it known that he wanted to be the Only Blind in The Village… so she can’t be invited.
Fair enough.
There’s room for maybe an amputee or someone terminally ill – that’ll be nice because then we can regularly refresh the membership. ..

Obviously it went on later than I thought it would, so sleep was again sacrificed. 🤦‍♂️
But they really are the nicest 2 people you’d want to spend the evening with. Paul’s vision ( I can tell from his ‘ ability to do things’ ) is failing fast. Two years ago when I met him, he was far more visually able. It probably won’t be that long before he has virtually no ‘ usable vision’. He is remarkably positive in the circumstances. His vision has been deteriorating since his 20’s, and he’s realised in fact that it probably started to fail in his mid teens. He had therefore ‘ had time to get used to it ‘ but nevertheless… it’s still for shit. Why does this happen to the Good Guys ?

To be fair, Deaf Mike has recently run the Pennine Way to raise money for his friend who has Motor Neurone Disease.
He actually raised over £22,000 for his buddy to have some house adaptations. Mike is a TOP man… not without his own challenges, but always there to help his friends. I’m proud to know him.

If anyone wants to contribute, here’s how.

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