Friday in London!

Brilliant night last night. Maisie Peters was playing in a packed out Shepherds Bush. IBot gigging with iBot pubbing before it is about as good as it gets for me.
More of that tonight in Brixton seeing the wacky and talented De Staat. Now that the lift in Brixton is fixed it’s actually fairly easy to get there too. Looking forward to seeing Leigh and Bev too.

Maisie gets 10/10. I saw her a year ago and she was ok. Someone must have told her to get her shit together and have a personality injection. It’s not complicated really, is it? The crowd WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.. so give them one?!

Doh! Just been told it’s not in Brixton, it’s in Highbury. Thank you Wendy for checking! Looks like the overground train is the way. Ramps for me!

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