Thank you to Leigh and Cressida, and as always Pia and Cherie, for the usual stuff.

Ive been thinking a lot about the online dating phenomenon. If you think it’s a challenge as a normal person, try doing it from a wheelchair. It’s not exactly a selling point, as it often  makes most normal things impossible to do, and dates quite like to do normal things, or at least things that normal peeps can do.

Ive realised that in my flirting with online dating, that only girls with a certain character trait need apply.

Some females feel so sorry for themselves/ find it so stressful  that they are dating a guy in a wheelchair, that they lose all sight of which one of them is actually the worse off. It consumes a fair bit of emotional energy to even go out of the door to face the world, and you don’t have enough in reserve to feel sorry for your date, for having to go around with you…. walking and doing things perfectly able’y.

It makes it quite awkward when you realise that that’s how it is, and you then have to broach the question. To be honest, if someone is as described, then they really shouldn’t go on the date in the first Place.

I’ve only had a couple of those, tbh, but it doesn’t exactly do the fledgling relationship any good

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