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Thank you for your response which is much appreciated. I feel compelled to report the  treatment received today.


While waiting at Stamford Brook Bus stop for the 237 to White City we were relieved to see the bus approaching as it was cold and raining. Unfortunately the ramp of the bus could not be deployed, though the driver attempted to do so at least 5 or 6 times. He then radio’d the control centre to ask for technical advice while apologising profusely to me and all the time my charge ( Russ ) waiting outside the shelter in the rain . When it was apparent that the ramp would not deploy he again contacted control to find when the next 237 was arriving. His driver number on this route was No.12 and he should be commended for his dedication also undergoing the wrath of an elderly lady regarding the delay.


To our utter dismay the next 237 arrived with a sullen and surly driver who became irritated when I asked him to move forward by 2m to avoid road furniture. He then advised me that he couldn’t take the wheelchair as he had two buggies on board ! I informed him that his was the second bus not to take us, that my charge was headed for hypothermia and that it was illegal for him to refuse us.


With a disgruntled and rude demeanour he moved the bus forward 1m (I had asked for 2m) and opened the doors without deploying the ramp whereupon the two ladies had to manhandle their buggies s

with babies onto the road . Both ladies were appalled by the drivers dismissive attitude and very apologetic to my charge on the behalf of London buses!!


We finally boarded the bus but once again not without drama and inconvenience.


The driver number is No 13 Bus 237 at current time.


I am not trying to be difficult regarding these complaints but while I have your attention feel compelled to on behalf of wheelchair users across London. Paralysed, injured and infirm people have a hard enough life as it is without adding this type of mean spirited behaviour to their considerable challenges. In the month I have been working as a carer in London I have found bus drivers as a rule to be generally irritated with us whereas the Underground staff are as a rule helpful, polite and go out of their way to make our travel a little easier. There have been a couple of kind and helpful bus drivers and I thank them but we strongly feel that the driver training requires more comprehensive modules regarding the customer care of wheelchair users.


Thank you once again for your attention and response which is much appreciated.


Kindest regards


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  1. Go Linda. I see you and Russ on a tour of bus depots speaking on behalf of wheelchair users, using his experience and your charisma to change perceptions and make a difference. You’d be a sellout.

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