Thank you Linda.

A bus pulled up with 2 prams inside. I spoke to the driver myself, and he was very aware of the legal situation. HE was in control of what happened next… which was him closing the doors and driving off.

Linda wrote to the relevant Authority. I should have pressed Record on my video phone. Next time I’ll remember to.

94 Bus


Dear Sir or Madam,

I was horrified at the dismissive attitude of the bus driver on the above route at 17.24pm Tuesday 6th February. I am the PA for a gentleman who is paralysed from chest down. On trying to board the bus the driver asked us to wait for the next bus as he had two buggy’s in the wheelchair space. He refused to even open the door for us.

Today is one of the coldest days in London, currently-2degrees C. A paraplegic or quadriplegic has no ability to regulate their body temperature and lower limb extremities function as cold blooded rather than warm blooded mammals. This means the individual can easily slip into hypothermia. The action of your bus driver was not only illegal, as wheelchairs have preference, but highly dangerous.

Luckily the next bus driver of bus SN60BYM was more sympathetic and definitely more educated and asked the buggy to make way for us. I would have hated to enter into legal action against your company but felt it necessary to advise this situation and suggest stronger emphasis during your driver training procedures on the reasons why wheelchair users are given preference.

I would appreciate a response or alternatively can forward the matter to London TravelWatch.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Warren

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4 thoughts on “Thank you Linda.

  1. That Linda from Zimbabwe is a keeper! That well-written letter of hers to the bus authority is just the kind of support you need, Russ. Tip of the hat to you, Linda!


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