Lots has been happening, not all good, but I’ll dwell on the positives!

My carer left,but her replacement is thus far astoundingly good…. I’m so happy to say. Even writing ‘ so happy ‘ is something I’ve not done for almost 5 years, so read into that what you will….

The iBot is still working, with its Toby repair, and ongoing tweaks by Toby, and 6 total strangers continue to be doing their best to assist me. Huge thanks to Cliff, Volker, Simon, Lester, Poppy Anne, and Mark Lesbirel for instigating their support via a post in Cool Components..

Not such great news is that I noticed I’m no longer ‘ straight ‘. No, not gay or ‘questioning ‘ but simply that my tummy button is no longer in line with my willy, unless I’m cock eyed… ( that was a joke ).

An x Ray revealed that as per the image, my bottom left screw into my pelvis has broken. That s one of the 2 screws that were ‘ impossible to break ‘, by the way.  No surprises there then, as it’s me I’m talking about, after all.

The Triride is also not working properly, and needs repair.  As they pointed out that the 2000 km I’ve done on it in a year far exceeds anyone else’s use of one, im obviously pushing it like one never has been ? Again no surprises?

So not ALL good, but I’m not getting all depressed about anything – worse has happened to me, my by line.

Linda and i have pledged to ‘ do something new every day’ so that’s what we’re doing. Yesterday we went into Tower Bridge for a self tour – what an AMAZING structure that is!


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  1. Russ,

    I like your joint ‘let’s do something touristy each day’ philosophy. Way to go ! You live in a great world city and you embrace it.

  2. Russ, I reckon your doctors call you Wreckit Ralph! What are you like?
    Delighted to hear you’ve got such a positive attitude to everything, though. Good on you. 🙂

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